Coolest Campgrounds: Blackwoods, Acadia National Park

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When you hear the words “Acadia National Park,” the first place that probably comes to mind is the Maine coast. The park is famous for its cliffs and beaches, windblown pines and rocky coastlines. But if you’ve ever wanted to camp in Acadia, you’ll want to check out Blackwoods Campground.

Located in the Southwest portion of Mount Desert Island, Blackwoods Campground is a small, family-friendly nook for those who want to settle in the heart of one of America's greatest parks. The campground has only two loops and is situated very close to the namesake of the park, Blackwoods. It’s a great place to avoid the crowds and simply get away from it all.

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The Blackwoods are a unique forest of Acadian pine trees with eastern hemlock trees mixed in. There are no sewer hookups or potable water, so the campground is only open Friday through Sunday during the summer months. Its also a great place to spot moose and other wildlife. In fact, campers are cautioned to not leave any potent food in their car, tent or picnic area, as the park is home to a large and extra curious black bear population.

The campground is situated on the west side of the entrance to Jordan Pond, so you’ll have to walk or bike a short distance there. From the intersection of Rte. 3 and Rte. 499, head west on Rte. 499, and cross the intersection with Rte. 4. the entrance to the campground will be on your left.


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